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About Emily

It all started with a romantic picnic in my living to surprise my husband when he got home from work. I posted a few pictures on Facebook, the positive comments came rolling in, and that's all I needed to hear! I was off to the races. Woven Dreams by Emily was born in September 2021 when I decided to follow my passion for decor setup and most importantly creating experiences for people that they would remember forever! This is my passion! 


The Small Details

It's all about the details for me; the perfect placement of the table beads, the quarter inch turn of the wine glass, and that little special surprise I work into every set. This is what sets Woven Dreams apart. You can guarantee your event will always be unique to your requests. 

My Team

Meet the Woven Dreams Team! 

Katie Wood

Senior Event Stylist

Katie joined our team August 2023. She is a mom, wife and a HUGE asset to the Woven Dreams Team. Katie enjoys honky tonk music, 10 iced white chocolate mochas a day, and getting up super early to drive to our shop. You can expect to hear from Katie if you reach out to Woven Dreams as she manages our bookings and helps bring your vision to life.  


Averie Lambden

Event Stylist

Averie joined our team in 2021 and is our longest (still standing) employee. She currently is in college, works at a day care during the week and makes life so much easier on the weekends. Averie is my ride-or-die event stylist who is always co-pilot in big blue. If you want to get Averie talking, ask her if she wants a Large Coke!  You can expect to see Averie on the weekends setting up your events. 


Natalie Shina

Event Stylist

Natalie joined our team in 2022. She is a dog mom, small-business owner and social butterfly. When Natalie isn't working with us she is making people smile with her yard sign business, Iconic Yard Designs. If you want to get on Natalie's good side, you can talk about fashion, buy her a chipotle bowl, or losing her in traffic if she is following you to an event. You can expect to see Natalie on weekends setting up your events. 

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